Immanuel Lutheran Church & School • 115 South Sixth Street • Saint Charles, MO 63301 • (636) 946-2656

Welcome to Immanuel Lutheran School in Saint Charles, MO! Immanuel Lutheran School is a Christian parochial school, grades Preschool through Grade 8, and is part of the mission activity of Immanuel Lutheran Church. For over 160 years (established in 1848), Immanuel Lutheran School has been a continuous and significant educational resource in our community.

Immanuel Lutheran School exists to provide an excellent educational opportunity in a Christ-centered environment helping children grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that parents, educators, and students share the responsibility to foster a climate in which students can achieve their highest levels of academic performance while developing their social and interpersonal skills needed to become responsible Christian members of society.

The Lutheran faith is taught in religion classes and integrated into all subjects. To best develop the God given gifts and talents of each individual student, Immanuel Lutheran School is committed to high academic standards as well as excellence in teaching and learning. Achievement involves developing the ability to solve problems, participate actively in learning, and acquiring the basic skills to progress to higher levels of academic understanding. Immanuel Lutheran School maintains a Christian focus in every aspect of its operation.
The Immanuel Lutheran School community strives to develop individuals whose lives manifest God’s grace and forgiveness at all times. We believe that faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior builds strong character and establishes a core value system that allows students to be confident, responsible, and cooperative so that they may deal with life’s challenges and blessings. Parents, educators, and students of Immanuel Lutheran School are equipped and challenged to serve as intellectual and moral leaders in the community, demonstrating the ability to live and serve to God’s glory.