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Dear Members & Friends of Immanuel Lutheran Saint Charles,

There has been a major collapse of the interior façade of Immanuel’s sanctuary ceiling. The entire
baptismal side of the sanctuary interior ceiling collapsed on May 29th. Three neighbors indicate they felt and heard rumbling Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning – one said the sound woke him up at 1:29 am. There is horrible damage.

Thank God no one was in the Sanctuary and that this did not happen during a worship service. There is major, substantial damage to the ceiling, pews, lights, pipe organ, grand piano, furniture in the balcony, and on and on. We have started the insurance claim process with Rick Fruend and are working with Droste Construction who will soon have a structural engineer survey the entire building. 

Thank you to ALL who have offered to clear debris, but the area in most of our sanctuary and the entire balcony is not safe (nails, dust, debris, other hazards) and NOTHING can happen yet. The insurance adjusters have not yet arrived. Repairs and reconstruction will all likely be carried out and conducted by professionals in the MONTHS ahead.
We have locked the entrance doors of the Sanctuary. You can carefully survey the damage in person until 6 p.m. today by entering at the archway garden glass doors by the Vestry and entering in the small area by the front Sanctuary side door. The area is roped off with caution tape and cones. Needless to say, there will NOT be any worship services in the sanctuary for a long time. Plan on all worship services being in the Fellowship Hall until repairs are complete. Stay tuned for more important info and updates.

Lutheran Service Book # 912:
 1. Christ is our cornerstone, On Him alone we build;
With His true saints alone the courts of heaven are filled.  On His great love our hopes we place of present grace and joys above.

2. Oh, then, with hymns of praise these hallowed courts shall ring; 
Our voices we will raise the Three in One to sing and thus proclaim in joyful song, both loud and long, that glorious Name!

Below are pictures of some of the terrible sanctuary damage.  So sad!  It is an obvious, vivid reminder that our human buildings—even a sacred Sanctuary—are temporary, decay and crumble.  Our only eternal, unchanging treasure is our Savior, Jesus Christ, Who is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrew 13:8).

Please join in fervent PRAYER that God guides and provides as we move forward in faith the months ahead to repair and rebuild God’s House of Worship at Immanuel.
Pastor Scott Schmieding

DONATIONS to Repair Immanuel’s Sanctuary Damages may be mailed to:
Immanuel Lutheran Church
115 South Sixth Street
Saint Charles, MO  63301
Memo:  SHINE/Sanctuary repairs
Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and generosity.