Immanuel Lutheran Church & School • 115 South Sixth Street • Saint Charles, MO 63301 • (636) 946-2656

Mrs. Diane Schade

Current Position:
Teacher, Preschool 4

1990-present Lutheran School Teacher

BA Education Concordia University Seward, NE
MA Education Lindenwood University Saint Charles, MO

I enjoy listening to and playing music; reading; writing; crocheting and knitting.

Philosophy of Teaching:
Education helps a person to grow and improve. Education should take someone from where they are and move them closer to the full person that God created them to be.
Education happens when a person learns new things. In order for learning to take place there has to be motivation, attention and stimuli for the brain. In a classroom a child learns when they have their attention focused on the material being presented, they are interested in what is happening, and the material is new and important to them.
A classroom should be a place where the child feels safe, excited to learn, and has every opportunity to use the gifts God has given them. They can continue to learn more each day as God uses each lesson to create the gifted person He created.

Classroom Goals:
My goal is to have a classroom where children feel the love and grace of God at all times. I want the children to grow as a family and to feel safe and loved when they are in our room. I want the children to learn and become the very best that they have the ability to be.