Men’s Club

We are an organization of the men at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Our purpose is to increase in our members a deeper consciousness of the stewardship of life involved in supporting the church and school.

    A few of the groups we support are:
  • The School’s PTL by barbcueing at the school picnic
  • The Ronald McDonald house by collecting pull-tabs
  • Sponsoring a Lenten supper for the church
  • Donating funds to the Nehemiah’s program and Stephen’s ministry
  • Sending a member to the Lutherans Laymen’s League meetings
  • The Men’s Club softball team
  • The Church and community with our barbecues
  • The Church dinner by frying the sausage
    Some of our activities during the year include:
  • Cooking at a Lenten Supper
  • Barbecue at the School Picnic
  • BBQ’s in June and August
  • A Trip to the Rascal’s Game
  • Directing cars for the Festival of the Little Hills
  • The Annual Fish Fry/Membership Drive in September
  • Annual Christmas Banquet / Election of Officers in December

We have regular meetings four (4) times a year; February, April, October, and December. At each meeting we have entertainment, (watch a sport or educational movie, play dartball and/or cards) snacks and refreshments.

Our main goal is to support our church and school with the talents God has given us.

For more information, you can read our constitution here, or contact Keith Keiser at